Happy Birthday Elzybells!

As some of you Elzybells fans may know, they celebrated their fifth birthday this week. The Design Team had a very special challenge from Elizabeth for this occasion: we had to make some form of gift packaging. I decided on a gift bag, which can be adapted to make a bottle bag if you wish. For my bag I used almost a whole piece of double-sided 12″x12″ designer paper from K & Co. Here are the instructions, should you wish to make one of your own.

Firstly, cut a 0.5″ piece from the side of the sheet of DP. Save this, as you may need it to decorate the bag later.

Cut a scalloped edge with a decorative punch all the way along the top edge of your sheet. I used the brilliant Martha Stewart Doily punch. You may find it easiest to start in the middle, and work your way along on each side.

Now you will need to score a series of fold lines with a ruler and a bone folder. You can also use a Score-Pal board if you have one.

Score horizontally 2.5″ from the top edge. Turn the sheet over, and score horizontally 1.5″ from the bottom edge, then from right to left score vertically at 0.5″, 4″, 1.5″, and 4″, leaving 1.5″ at the end. 

Turn back to the right side, and fold the top of the sheet over at the 2.5″ scored line to form a decorative top edge in a contrasting colour. Secure firmly with double-sided tape. Turn your sheet over to the wrong side, fold up at the bottom horizontal score line, crease well with a bone folder, and open out again – this will form the bottom of your bag later.

Fold and crease at all your vertical score lines. Start to make up your bag by bringing the 0.5″ fold around to meet the 1.5″ fold on the opposite side. Stick a length of double-sided tape along the 0.5″ fold, and stick the 1.5″ piece over this. You should now have a bottomless bag, measuring 4″ at the front and back, with a 1.5″ gusset on the two sides. 

It’s now time to fold the bottom of the bag. First, cut along the corner folds to the horizontal fold line. You may need to take a little extra off each of the four pieces, so that the flaps fold over neatly. Think of it as wrapping a parcel. Fold one of the long flaps over first, then the two short flaps, and lastly the second long flap, sticking securely as you go along. This will give you a neat base, both inside and outside.

Make a topper using a stamped image, coloured to match your bag. I used my Nestabilities die to make a scallop-edged circle, using a piece of the same paper with the reverse side showing. Decorate the bag with this, and add other embellishments to suit. Bring the front and back of the bag together, and punch a hole through both layers. I added two eyelets at this stage, but you don’t need to, unless you would like to reuse the bag. Thread a length of matching ribbon through the holes and tie in a bow. Add a tag if you wish.

If you would like to make a bottle bag, I would recommend using a sturdy sheet of good quality gift wrapping paper. You will then be able to make a longer and wider bag by adjusting the measurements to accommodate your bottle.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rachel Hope
    Oct 26, 2008 @ 23:53:32

    Very pretty! The colors are wonderful


  2. Linda
    Oct 27, 2008 @ 06:51:45

    Wow maria what an adorable gift bag hun. I love the pink – my favourite colour!! hope you got my email! hugs Linda x


  3. debi
    Oct 30, 2008 @ 13:24:49

    simply lovely!


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